Player’s Guide and FAQs


Online fundraising is fast, easy and secure. When you register online, you will be provided with a personalized fundraising web page and user-friendly tools. In just a few minutes, you can email friends, family, and co-workers to ask for support.
Your sponsors will instantly receive an electronic tax receipt via email for their pledges.
Playing with a hockey legend is a great motivator. To help out even more, a number of fundraising prizes will be awarded weekly starting 7 weeks prior to the tournament date. In addition, the Top Fundraiser from each team will have the privilege of playing in the All-Star Game against the NHL Alumni Team!
Here’s how it works:
1-Ask your team captain if your team is registered online. Your personal fundraising page is created and linked to your team page.
2-Log in with your email and customize your personal fundraising page.
3-Using the email templates is a fast and easy way to get the support of friends, family and co-workers. Adding a personal message to the recipient will help yield greater results.
4-Visit your page regularly to track your progress in real time. Encourage your team to set up their own personal fundraising efforts.
See our Donation Tips page for more ideas!


When should I begin fundraising?
It is encouraged that all players and teams begin fundraising efforts as soon as they sign up to avoid the last-minute crunch and to maximize your fundraising potential.
How much money do I need to raise?
Each player is required to raise a minimum of $550 to be eligible to play. All money raised will go towards your team’s total. Your draft pick is determined by your team’s total fundraising amount, so the more you raise, the better your pick!
How are pledges collected?
Pledges are collected through our online donor portal on our website, Offline donations can be collected by printing off the pledge form and collecting cash or cheques. You are responsible for collecting money and turning in all pledge forms to Hotel Dieu Shaver at least 48 hours prior to Draft Night.
When will the game schedule be determined?
A game schedule, along with your designated locker room number, will be distributed at Draft Night and on tournament day. All teams are expected to arrive for their first game at 8am. No changes to the tournament schedule or locker room assignments will be accepted.
What are the tournament rules and format?
Tournament rules can be found on the website under “Player Information”. Each team plays three (3) games followed by the All-Star Game between the top fundraisers and NHL Alumni. In addition, all players will be supplied with their own Celebrity Ice Cup game jersey.
How many people will participate in the tournament?
A total of 16 teams, consisting of 12 to 15 players, will be secured as part of the Celebrity Ice Cup.


Day 1-VIP Draft Night: February 27, 2020
The Draft Night will include players, NHL Alumni, sponsors and special guests for an exclusive evening reception. The team that raised the most funds will be awarded the first draft pick, the team that raised the second most will pick second and so on, until all teams have their NHL Alumni team member chosen.
Day 2-Celebrity Ice Cup Tournament Day: February 28, 2020
Each team will play three round robin games at the Gale Centre Arena followed by an All-Star Game at the end of the day where the top fundraisers play against the NHL Alumni team.